1 Club x Invisible Wealth | Redefining Wealth Masterclass in London

November 4, 2023

Join us for an exclusive masterclass event starring Jennifer Wines!

Jennifer is founder of Invisible Wealth and renowned expert in private wealth management. Jennifer has worked at top institutions like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Fidelity, and now she's on a mission to redefine wealth for the new paradigm. In this masterclass, Jennifer will share her insights on rethinking what we value and how we define wealth. As the world undergoes a paradigm shift, it's crucial to understand that true wealth lies in having an abundance of what we truly value.

Jennifer's multicultural background and extensive experience in private wealth management have shaped her unique perspective on wealth. With a Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School and a Certified Private Wealth Advisor designation from Booth Business School, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. As the founder of Invisible Wealth, Jennifer helps individuals and organizations navigate the changing landscape of wealth. Her expertise in both words and numbers, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, make her a trusted voice in the industry. Her book, "Invisible Wealth", is now available through all major retailers.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Jennifer Wines and gain valuable insights into redefining wealth. Reserve your spot now for this exclusive masterclass event!

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