Jennifer Wines, Host for Women in Asset Management Summit in New York City

September 3, 2023

Join us on Thursday, September 14 for the in-person summit in New York, where we will explore 4 key areas in the asset management industry.

Investment: Overcoming regulatory and political challenges in integrating ESG factors, understanding government’s role, promoting sustainable and socially responsible investing, and implementing effective ESG management practices.

DEI: Addressing inequality and discrimination, advocating for diversity in decision-making, including neurodiversity, intersectionality, allyship, multigenerational workforces, disability and transgender representation, and tackling racial inequality.

Personal Development: Enhancing career skills, investing in training, futureproofing skillsets, networking, career path planning, and recruitment and retention strategies with DEI in focus.  

Technology: Exploring AI’s impact on asset management and the wider financial industry, reshaping investment analysis, portfolio management, and client servicing. Examining the industry’s adoption of blockchain technology, asset tokenization and its implications on liquidity, accessibility and regulatory considerations.  

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