Redefining Wealth with Jennifer Wines

May 19, 2023

We had the opportunity to interview Jennifer and learn more about her career journey and her newest book Invisible Wealth!

Hi Jennifer! It’s a pleasure to meet you and introduce you to our tribe! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi tribe! It’s great to be here with you all. A little about me: I was born in Mexico and moved ten times by the age of twenty, which might be why I’m comfortable embracing change. I love meeting new people and listening to music; each person is a library of stories, each song adds dimension to an experience.

Take us through your incredible journey from attending Law school to building a career in finance.

The journey from attending law school to building a career in finance was a short one. How so? Because I interviewed and joined Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management while waiting for my bar results. I started at Goldman on 10/25 and received the news that I passed the bar on 10/30! And as it turns out, a legal background elegantly maps onto the arena of wealth management.

When did you realize you wanted to combine your love for law and finance to pursue a career in private wealth management?

I fell in love with the written word during law school; words are powerful! And within wealth management, so much revolves around getting to know your clients in order to understand their financial goals. That said, words are tools for unlocking information in the discovery process. The better you understand your clients, the better you can provide them value. This is the case in any business, especially in this new era of personalization.

We love that you’ve taken your skills and expertise as a private wealth advisor to create your own company, Invisible Wealth. Tell us more about the work you’re doing with your company and the impact you hope to make.

In April 2022, I decided to roll the dice, take a risk, and leave the corporate seat as a wealth management advisor. Thereafter, I received a book publishing deal from Wiley. Wiley was super excited about the Invisible Wealth concept and framework; so much so, that they fast tracked all in order to get the book out as soon as possible. That said, it was a mere 9 months from the day I signed the contract to the day of release. Bonkers. So, the book has been my primary focus along with speaking engagements. Although, I am building out the infrastructure for a consultancy practice behind the scenes. Stay tuned.

You recently announced that you wrote a book titled Invisible Wealth: 5 Principles for Redefining Personal Wealth in the New Paradigm (so exciting!). Please dish the details on what this book is about and where we can buy it!

After over a decade in private wealth management, and through thousands of client conversations, it became apparent to me that the concept of wealth is changing. “Invisible Wealth” explores how we are redefining wealth— compliments of technological advancements and societal shifts. I take a refreshed look at fundamentally familiar concepts like money, investment, health, knowledge, status, influence, time, energy, experiences and relationships. Thereafter, the book provides a Personal Wealth Algorithm™ for readers to use to define their wealth so that it fits snuggly with their values and goals.

“Invisible Wealth” is available through all major retailers, including Amazon.

If you could give female founders a piece of advice that speaks to building their wealth and making smart financial decisions, what would it be?

Decide what your financial goals are and then develop an investment strategy that supports the attainment of those financial goals. Easier said than done, I know. But there are so many resources out there to help educate and inform investors. In true entrepreneurial fashion: set a goal, develop a strategy, and stay the course!

Where can we keep up with you?

You can drop me a line and your email, via my website: and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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