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Jennifer Wines, Speaking at the 2024 FOX Family Office & Wealth Advisor Forum, in Chicago

Session Title: The 5 Principles of Invisible Wealth: A Framework for Redefining Wealth

Medium | The Future is Female: Why the Next Generation of Technology and Wealth is Feminine

This article takes an outside the box look at "The Future is Female". Here's a preview: the true is creative, words-oriented, non-linear, collaborative, and decentralized.

Implications of Exponential Technology: Wealth and Intangible Assets

In conversation with Jennifer Wines (Invisible Wealth) and Robin Weninger (Global Institute of Leadership and Technology)

Own Your Wealth

To claim ownership, is to claim responsibility. To claim responsibility, is to claim power.

Medium | How to Live a Rich Life in Today’s Rapidly Changing World: Revisiting Values and Vocation

Let’s fly into abstraction and explore how your values and concept of wealth define the richness of your life: first stop, values; second stop, wealth; and final destination, life.

Jennifer Wines, Surfacing the Invisible, at Microsoft Garage in NYC

Please join us at the Microsoft Garage for a timely discussion with authors Jennifer Wines (Invisible Wealth), Mike Pell (Visualizing Business), and global TEDx speaker Gary Thompson

Invisible Wealth in One-Minute (Video)

This one-minute, video provides an overview of the Invisible Wealth concept and framework. Enjoy!

Jennifer Wines, speaker at FTWeekend in Washington DC

FT Weekend Festival features leading authors, scientists, politicians and of course FT Weekend writers and editors

INC. Magazine | Open-Ended Questions Can Be a Key Ingredient for Business Success

Unlocking connection and conversation with others, over dinner.

INC. Magazine | What Is Your Time Worth? The How and Why of Calculating the Monetary Value of Your Time

Figuring out what your time is worth is a necessary step in terminating how you plan to spend the year ahead.

“Big Questions: Impact Investing & Next Gen Wealth as Agents of Change”

Discussing the future of wealth, in Davos during the World Economic Forum

Jennifer Wines featured in Forbes article "Davos Dispatch-Navigating The Criticisms and Opportunities at WEF 2024" by Rhett Power

Jennifer Wines from Invisible Wealth notes, "The relationship capital built during the week leads to big results."

Wishing you wealth, always, all ways, in 2024.

What you value most is your pathway to true wealth...

INC. Magazine | How to Build Financial Wealth in 2024

A step-by-step guide to setting and achieving your financial goals in the new year.

INC. Magazine | So Long, Hustle Culture. Hello, Well-Being. How the Changing Landscape of Status Can Impact You, Your Business, and Your Customers

Values, community, and well-being are the new makers and markers of status. Here's what your business should do about it.

Kiplinger | How Might the Great Wealth Transfer Change Society?

As $84 trillion in assets move from Baby Boomers to younger generations, we could see a greater emphasis on financial technology and investing based on values.

The Next Generation of Status Symbols are Untouchable, Literally

Culture is redefining status due to technological advancements and societal shifts, and as a consequence, redefining status symbols.

Redefining wealth means redefining wealth management. After all, wealth management is the management of wealth.

These days, people are embracing a holistic and multi-dimensional definition of wealth—one that includes money and other assets. We see this multi-dimensional definition of wealth mirrored back to us through the evolving wealth management industry, which is adopting a more holistic approach.

Universities are intellectual sandboxes where everyone is willing to share, play, and grow

Last week, I ventured up to 118th street in NYC to “Bring Visibility to Invisible Wealth” at Columbia University. The room was filled with students from around the world; students who are focused on attaining the intangible assets of knowledge, experience, and relationships.

INC. Magazine | Build Relationship Capital To Help Build Your Business

Relationships move at the speed of trust, and relationship capital acts as the fuel while you're on the road to success. Vroom, vroom.

A Conversation with Jennifer Wines, at Columbia University, in NYC

Seminar for the School of International and Public Affairs, Masters Program

Jennifer Wines, Opening Remarks for Opal's Endowments & Foundations Forum, in Boston

This forum invites the fluid exchange of ideas, concerning portfolio planning and investment strategies.

Bringing Visibility to Invisible Wealth, with Suffolk University Donors, in Boston

This presentation is sponsored by the Suffolk Frost Society. The Frost Society honors and thanks those who reach beyond their own lives to ensure the gift of educational opportunity to future generations of Suffolk students.

The Power of Intangible Assets at 1 Club, in London

A 2021 McKinsey & Company discussion paper concluded that "Investing in intangibles correlates with productivity and sector growth."

YPO x Invisible Wealth | Pop-Up Event in Miami, FL

Last week, I had the pleasure of discussing Invisible Wealth with YPO, and wow— such an impressive group!

Redefining Wealth + Reconceptualizing Assets

On Monday, I discussed "Bringing Visibility to Invisible Wealth" with a group of Central American family offices and entrepreneurs. Here’s a little view into the content I shared …

1 Club x Invisible Wealth | Redefining Wealth Masterclass in London

Redefining Wealth with Jennifer Wines, Author of Invisible Wealth

There’s a shift going on, a shift in value and a shift in values.

One year ago I signed a contract with Wiley to publish Invisible Wealth, making my invisible idea a visible reality. Putting these 62,000+ words out and into the world was/is beyond words (for me). Ahead of publication, I had ideas as to which parts of the Invisible Wealth might resonate most with people...

Jennifer Wines Delivering Keynote Speech for Volcano Summit's Family Office Track

"Bringing Visibility to Invisible Wealth" Summary: In today's rapidly changing world, the concept of wealth is evolving significantly. In this keynote, we explore the profound impact of intangible assets on individuals, businesses and society. Through research and anecdotes, Jennifer sheds light on the (often) overlooked dimensions of wealth.

Invisible Wealth Keynote Presentation by Jennifer Wines, for Wellness in the Vines (in California Wine Country)

Wellness in the Vines is the first forum dedicated to physician and allied health professional wellness.

Jennifer Wines, Host for Women in Asset Management Summit in New York City

2023 Theme: Creating a Better Future in Times of Market Complexity and Transformation

Ahead of Labor Day Weekend, I'm thinking ...Why Do We Labor?

These days, we're finding ways to optimize the pursuit of both money and meaning, simultaneously. This is quite profound. We’re interested in creating value predicated on values.

Meet the Author: Invisible Wealth x Dune Deck in the Hamptons, NY

Please join us for an intimate meet-the-author and book talk event at Dune Deck (a Discovery Land property) with Invisible Wealth author Jennifer Wines.

Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum 2022 | Panel discussion: Impact, Venture Philanthropy, and New Models to Invest in Change

The New York 2022 Edition of our Family Office Forum, where 100+ Family Offices and UHNWIs will gather in a confidential setting where you can meet your peers, share your experience, and learn from each other.

Jennifer Wines, Master of Ceremony for the Global Wealth Conference, in British Parliament's House of Commons

Monumental Gathering of Wealth at the Historic Guildhall & House of Commons Parliament: SWFI Global Wealth Conference 2023

Valor Econômico: Por que o conceito de riqueza esta se transformando?

Jennifer Wines, autora do recem-publicado livro "Invisible Wealth", explica que, antes, a palavra estava associada a bem-estar, e passou a ser relacionada a abundância de dinheiro. Hoje, segundo ela, ha cinco princípios para o termo

Invisible Wealth joins Women & Worth Book Club

The Women & Worth Book Club features Worth Books authors, leading voices and the recommendations of our speakers, experts, and Women & Worth members. Book Club authors are featured at events throughout the year including Leading Voices and our Annual Women’s Summit. Join our Women & Worth community to stay up on the latest events and programs.

Women & Worth Leading Voices: Invisible Wealth

Invisible Wealth is all around us but how do we attain wealth? And what do we mean by wealth?

Redefining Wealth with Jennifer Wines

Interview with Fyli, a community catalyst and mastermind program for female founders.

Roundtable: The Future of Wealth Management

We start our next round table on the Future of Wealth Management as a fundamental transformation has started. The engine is the set of disruptive technologies such as generative AI or tokenization combined with data science. The financial industry has the opportunity to meet the needs of its customers faster than ever before, in a fully personalized way.

What is Wealth? Shifting Values Change What it Means to Many

The meaning of words can change over time, and "wealth" is an example of one of those words. Traditionally, people have equated wealth with an abundance of money and material possessions. There are evolutionary reasons for this. However, the answer to the question "what is wealth" is undergoing a transformation in lockstep with technological innovations and societal shifts.

The Wealth Revolution: Discovering Invisible Assets in a Digital World

Jennifer's book challenges traditional notions of wealth and encourages us to view it from a broad perspective. She argues that true wealth is not just about monetary value, but rather a combination of invisible assets such as health, knowledge, time, and relationships that contribute to our overall well-being.

Jennifer Wines is Bringing Visibility to "INVISIBLE WEALTH"

Through a millennial lens, Wines takes a refreshed look at fundamentally familiar concepts: money, investment, health, knowledge, status, influence, time, energy, experiences, and relationships. She masterfully braids together practical and philosophical considerations for each, honoring the multi-dimensional nature of wealth.

Value Investing and Values-Based Investing Gain Momentum

The new paradigm of investing takes into consideration both sides of the proverbial coin: the quantitative and the qualitative. Investors are looking back at the historical returns and are also looking forward at the future implications of their investments, reviewing both the numbers and the narratives.

Durchschnittsalter 35 Jahre. Das sind die neuen engagierten Investorinnen und Investoren

Jennifer Wines is on the "Top 100 Women of the Future" list and worked at Goldman Sachs. In the cash interview at the WEF, she explains the paradigm shift in investing and what wealth means today.

ChatGPT, Nadella's WEF Speech and the Future of Wealth

Davos 2023, Nadella's WSJ Speech, ChatGPT, and the Future of Wealth

FORTUNE MPW Next Gen 2022

The FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit brings together preeminent rising women in business along with select leaders in government, philanthropy, education, sports and the arts.

For Elite? Yes. Ostentatious? Yes. But Also Effective

Davos is the capital of Relationship Capital – which Ms. Wines defines as “an intangible, super asset that is the foundation for all progress.”

Women, decentralization and the world’s economic drive: Experts answer

Here’s what crypto and blockchain industry experts think about the role of women in the fintech space and global economic development.

6 Questions for Jennifer Wines of Fidelity Private Wealth Management

“Decentralization, to me, means the distribution of power. [...] This ends up activating more people and potential than is possible with centralization.”

We the Planet - Earth Day Summit 2021

Founders Kunal Sood and Laura Muranaka created the organization, platform, and global campaign for intergenerational impact to go far beyond ‘We the People’ to unite elders and youth as We The Planet.

Having the college money talk

Regardless of the level of wealth a family may have, financial literacy and family conversations are invaluable assets.

Developing Relationships In The Digital World

Embrace purposeful and personal interactions coupled with empathy and levity to further develop relationships.

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